Trio H2ome Kit

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Product Overview

Our Trio+™ and Maxx™ table-top devices will satisfy your institutional cleaning needs with a never before seen level of versatility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. This genuine innovation makes the right amount of safe, sustainable, cleaning and sanitizing solutions – whenever it is needed, in a compact unit. Best of all, there is no need to organize and maneuver numerous chemicals around in order to effectively clean, degrease, and sanitize your establishment. 

GenEon Technologies' innovative line of products allows you to clean, degrease, sanitize, and disinfect without any toxicity or breaking the bank.


The environmentally friendly and convenient Trio H2Ome generates cleaning solutions usable as a Sanitizer, a Glass and General Purpose Cleaner, and a Heavy-Duty Cleaner and Degrease. Great for cleaning kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms and playrooms without the toxic side effect of traditional chemicals.

What's in the Box?1 base, 2 activating decanters, 1 power supply, 3 catalysts and their 3 respective exactagrams, 3 sprayers and 6 secondary labels (2 of each), 1 set of pH test strips and 1 set of free available chlorine test strips

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review